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MACH Technology brings together anti-corrosion technology and professionals from both Taiwan and China to serve world wild market. Our green energy technology products and services are innovative, professional and competitive. We are willing to work with our client to create sacrificial anode, ICCP system and new magnesium alloy materials for marine and land anti-corrosion protection. We will be your best partner of magnesium biomedical bone nail materials, extrusion, die casting, automotive lightweight magnesium products, impurity detection machine, water heater magnesium rod anode, magnesium fuel cell, magnesium waste residue with hydrogen production and other developing products.
Casting of Marine Anti-corrosion Cathode Material
Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System
Casting and Installation of Anti-corrosion Cathode Protection Material for Oil Pipeline on Land
Magnesium or Aluminum Extrusion/ Casting Rod for Water Heater Tank
Die Casting and Extrusion Materials of Magnesium Alloy and Aluminum Alloy Series
Inclusion-Impurity Detector before Casting
Biomedical Materials of PLA-coated Magnesium Bone Nail
CO2 Surface Treatment Technique Anti-Corrosion of Magnesium Alloy Product
Recovery of Magnesium Waste Slag for Hydrogen Production and Hydrogen Storage
Various and Professional Spectrometer Instruments for All Chemical Elements
Ballast Water Treatment Technique before Emission
Magnesium Fuel Cell