Method for determining particle size composition distribution of magnesium alloy particles

MACH Technology Document No.: MACH/ZCH-ZG-027 Scope of application: Magnesium alloy particles obtained by milling method for semi-solid die casting products. Testing equipment: Φ200 standard inspection sieve machine, screen mesh specification: stainless steel woven mesh, a total of 7 layers, sampling method to implement GB/T5314-2011 "Powder metallurgy powder sampling method". Samples were taken with a sampling spatula and a sampling needle to measure the particle size distribution and chemical composition of each barrel, bag, upper, middle and lower parts. The sample taken is carefully mixed uniformly, and the average sample is taken out, and the mass thereof should be not less than 1000 g. ....... If only the particle size distribution does not meet the standard requirements, the team can rescreen the particles in this batch. The method of re-screening the particles is still carried out according to the above method. The qualified report is put into the warehouse. If the batch is unqualified, the batch is judged as waste and will not be re-screened.

Japan jsw thixotropic injection molding machine favorite __ magnesium particle cutting machine

The Thixomolding type is a revolutionary magnesium alloy forming method that cares for the environment. The thixoforming type is a method of injection molding a magnesium alloy in a semi-molten state (thixotropic melt). The magnesium alloy is injected into the mold by heating and heating the magnesium alloy particles in the barrel of the molding machine and using the screw in the barrel for metering and conveying. The magnesium alloy particles produced by MACH are the favorite of Japan jsw thixotropic injection molding machine!

Diversified magnesium alloy materials and professional casting

The main alloy characteristics of magnesium alloy grade AZ91D are high strength and high corrosion resistance, and the application range is in the casing of electronic products. AM60B and AM50A have high elongation and good impact resistance, and are used in automotive steering wheels and seats. AS41B has good creep resistance and is used in the transmission case of automobiles. (Sacrificial anode application field See also text: Optical anode steel corrosion protection Trustworthy We Steel Your Trust