Aluminium alloy anode rod for extrusion water heater

"Extruded aluminium alloy anode rod" refers to the aluminium anode rod which is extruded into semi-continuous casting aluminium alloy anode cylindrical ingot by extruder process and used for corrosion protection of water heater inner liner. Generally speaking, for the protection of water medium equipments with saline-alkali environment and high conductivity, such as steel pond ceramic coating, steel galvanizing and stainless steel water heater, the cathodic current protection with cathodic protection effect is usually produced by coupling the active metal-magnesium alloy anode with more negative potential, the aluminum alloy anode and the zinc alloy anode. The 8020 and K804 aluminium alloy sacrificial anodes for freshwater equipment protection, as well as the anti-corrosion of the inner liner of the "air-energy heat pump" which absorbs heat from air and boils hot water, are another popular product besides magnesium anode rods.

Extruded zinc strip anodes

Extruded zinc strip anodes are mainly used in space-constrained local applications (such as pipe sections in casing) and high-resistivity soils and fresh water to protect oil tanks or other steel structures in high-resistivity electrolytes. The diamond-shaped zinc ribbon anode meets ASTM-B418 (Type 1 / Type 2) standards and has excellent mechanical properties. The strip zinc anode is mainly used for the protection of the pipeline inside the casing, the temporary cathodic protection of the pipeline, the protection of the storage tank and the pipeline network, the prevention of the AC interference and the lightning interference of the buried pipeline by the strong electric line. Ribbon zinc anodes are commonly used in media with resistivities below 2000 Ω·cm. They can be used in media above 2000 Ω·cm if the protected steel structure has a good coating or when the soil is wet.

Extruded magnesium strip anode

The sacrificial anode of strip magnesium alloy is widely used in high resistivity environment, pipeline protection in casing, temporary cathodic protection of pipeline, storage tank because of its flat and flat shape, adjustable length, flexibility, good anticorrosive performance, no need of external DC power supply, automatic operation after installation, maintenance-free, less occupied area, low engineering cost, non-interference with external environment, etc. And the protection of the pipeline network, the grounding grid against strong electric interference, etc. Commonly used magnesium strip anode specifications: Section (A *B) 9.5 *19 mm Core diameter mm 3.2 weight kg/m 0.37 Current output 2.4A/m Soil (5000_. cm) 0 mA/m Freshwater (15000cm) 3mA/m