The bracelet of Poseidon_Bracelet aluminum anode for submarine pipeline cast by MACH

Bracelet type aluminum alloy sacrificial anode is mainly used for anticorrosion of "submarine pipeline". As the name implies, "Bangle type" uses semicircular bracelet type anode body (including semicircular ring anode body and iron core) to fasten the submarine pipeline "like a bracelet". The iron core runs through the semicircular ring anode body, and its two ends pass through the semicircular ring anode body. The key to the casting of this product lies in the design and manufacture of the die structure. After melting according to the casting process, the semi shell molding with the thickness of 50mm, the length of 350mm ~ 500mm depending on the design and the gross weight of steel core ranging from 97.6kg to 221kg is carried out with the mould After casting, the upper and lower half shells of each anode block need to be coated with epoxy resin shielding coating with thickness > 300 μ m. The production standard is dnvgl-rp-f103 2016 ISO 15589-2:2004.

Bracelet type aluminum alloy sacrificial anode

The bracelet type aluminum alloy anode is a kind of insured product with the advantages of low driving voltage, light weight and high current efficiency. It is mainly used for anti-corrosion protection of oil, gas, and drainage pipelines, underground cables, chemicals, communications, harbors, ships, reservoir gates, etc. in fresh water. Bracelet type zinc anode is suitable for cathodic protection of marine anti-corrosion of ships, machinery and equipment, marine engineering and seaport facilities in seawater and fresh seawater, as well as pipelines and cables in low-resistivity soil and sea mud. Bracelet anode utilization has a great relationship with its existing structural form. It can be designed and produced according to the specifications of the design institute before casting.

Aluminium Alloy Sacrificial Anode

Aluminum alloy sacrificial anode has the advantages of light weight, large current, negative potential and low price. It is used in the cathodic protection of metals in marine media, such as ships, harbor engineering and marine engineering facilities, seawater cooling water system and storage tank deposition water parts, offshore oil production system, petrochemical processing pipeline, high temperature sea mud, submarine pipeline and other industrial fields. Through the control of alloy composition and casting conditions, Guangyu controls the selection of raw materials, charging sequence, melting equipment, casting process and quality inspection of Al - Zn - In alloy sacrificial anode The sacrificial anode materials with uniform surface dissolution, non passivation, high temperature resistance (50 ℃), good electrochemical performance and reduce environmental pollution.