Magnesium-aluminum-zinc alloy melting furnace and foundry anode product processing center

Magnesium-Aluminum-Zinc Alloy Smelting Furnace and Casting Anode Product Processing Center_MACH TAIWAN, No.1 Yanpo Road, Feixian Development Zone, Linyi, Shandong, is a leading manufacturer of magnesium alloy and anti-corrosion anode materials, specializing in Smelting, casting, research and development, design, production and sales of magnesium alloys and sacrificial anode materials. The main products are: conventional magnesium alloys, special grade magnesium alloys, rare earth-added superalloys, and magnesium alloy pellets. Anti-corrosion and insured products mainly include: Magnesium-aluminum-zinc alloy and other series of sacrificial anodes, magnesium, aluminum, zinc anode extrusion profiles, pipes, rods and other products.

A List of Cast Magnesium Anode Series Products

Magnesium-based sacrificial anodes include pure magnesium, Mg-Mn alloy and Mg-AI-Zn-Mn alloy. Their common characteristics are small density, large theoretical capacitance, negative potential, low polarization, high driving voltage for steel (>0.6V), which are suitable for the protection of metal components in soil and fresh water with high resistivity.

Diversified magnesium alloy materials and professional casting

The main alloy characteristics of magnesium alloy grade AZ91D are high strength and high corrosion resistance, and the application range is in the casing of electronic products. AM60B and AM50A have high elongation and good impact resistance, and are used in automotive steering wheels and seats. AS41B has good creep resistance and is used in the transmission case of automobiles. (Sacrificial anode application field See also text: Optical anode steel corrosion protection Trustworthy We Steel Your Trust