MACH casting anode products list

MACH casting anode products list

Magnesium-aluminum-zinc alloy melting furnace and foundry anode product processing center

Magnesium-Aluminum-Zinc Alloy Smelting Furnace and Casting Anode Product Processing Center_MACH TAIWAN, No.1 Yanpo Road, Feixian Development Zone, Linyi, Shandong, is a leading manufacturer of magnesium alloy and anti-corrosion anode materials, specializing in Smelting, casting, research and development, design, production and sales of magnesium alloys and sacrificial anode materials. The main products are: conventional magnesium alloys, special grade magnesium alloys, rare earth-added superalloys, and magnesium alloy pellets. Anti-corrosion and insured products mainly include: Magnesium-aluminum-zinc alloy and other series of sacrificial anodes, magnesium, aluminum, zinc anode extrusion profiles, pipes, rods and other products.

MACH Magnesium Technology Specialist

MACH Technology Co., Ltd. is an expert of "Magnesium". The company established "Research Center of Magnesium Alloy New Material Engineering Technology" Innovation Research and Development Enterprise Technology Center. Areas covered are: Magnesium alloy, aluminium alloy, zinc alloy lightweight material, sacrificial anode "anti-corrosion" new material Renewable energy Biomedical materials

Anode rod for extrusion water heater

Magnesium alloy sacrificial anodes are commonly used in metal facilities working in soil, fresh water and seawater. They are used to produce trapezoidal, D-shaped, rod-shaped (cylinder, rectangular bar) and other oil, water, gas and electricity products by smelting and casting. Extrusion includes extrusion of magnesium strips and rods. The maximum amount of anode protection for people's livelihood is "extrusion water heater anode rod". According to different regions and brands, there are aluminium rod anode and magnesium rod anode for water heater. Some water heater brands are installed as soon as they leave the factory, and some foreign supermarket chains are bought and installed by consumers themselves. Magnesium rod anode for water heater manufactured by Guangyu Company strictly conforms to the chemical composition, electrochemical performance, steel core, nut, welding, pressing etc. required by customers. Besides self-testing, it also provides third-party testing in order to meet the national/international standards for quality.