XJ-630 ton extruder _ positive solid ingot hot extrusion of various bars, tubes, profiles, etc.

XJ-630 tons extruder 1.1 The product, specifications and process of the extruder meet the production 1> Variety: Magnesium alloy. 2> Type: various bars, tubes, profiles, etc. 3> Extrusion process: Positive solid ingot extrusion.

Sacrificial anode electrochemical performance test method and equipment

Sacrificial anode method Cathodic protection is the earliest electrochemical protection technology. In the case where the electrolytic cell theoretical metal is used as an anode, the anode (metal) is gradually consumed as the current flows out. Sacrificial anodes are typically only economically used in structures that require less current protection and in low soil resistivity environments. The anode is gradually consumed with the current flowing out, so it is called a sacrificial anode, and the anode is consumed quickly, and the installation position and method must be easily replaced. Low-potential metal materials include magnesium, magnesium alloys, pure zinc, zinc alloys, and aluminum alloys. Use a metal (such as zinc, aluminum, magnesium) with high activity (evaporable) relative to the steel as an anode, connect the steel and the anode, and use the potential difference between the two to generate an anti-corrosion current to achieve the purpose of steel corrosion protection. . The electrochemical performance of the Yinbao product (sacrificial anode product) has to be tested according to the national (international) standard, so the "magnesium alloy sacrificial anode electrochemical performance test method" equipment.

Magnesium rod fuel cell

"Magnesium New Energy Battery" is a kind of metal energy technology that can be comparable to petroleum, with 100% emission, low pollution and recyclable. Making use of the electrochemical reaction between magnesium anode rod and brine, releasing electric current, providing long-term electric power, applying long-term lighting of natural disasters such as earthquake, typhoon, fire fighting, farming, fishery and animal husbandry production, outdoor tourism lighting is very convenient. It is a kind of green environmental protection battery material. Relevant demand manufacturers are welcome to consult and cooperate in the customization and development.

Aluminium alloy anode rod for extrusion water heater

"Extruded aluminium alloy anode rod" refers to the aluminium anode rod which is extruded into semi-continuous casting aluminium alloy anode cylindrical ingot by extruder process and used for corrosion protection of water heater inner liner. Generally speaking, for the protection of water medium equipments with saline-alkali environment and high conductivity, such as steel pond ceramic coating, steel galvanizing and stainless steel water heater, the cathodic current protection with cathodic protection effect is usually produced by coupling the active metal-magnesium alloy anode with more negative potential, the aluminum alloy anode and the zinc alloy anode. The 8020 and K804 aluminium alloy sacrificial anodes for freshwater equipment protection, as well as the anti-corrosion of the inner liner of the "air-energy heat pump" which absorbs heat from air and boils hot water, are another popular product besides magnesium anode rods.