XJ-630 ton extruder _ positive solid ingot hot extrusion of various bars, tubes, profiles, etc.

XJ-630 tons extruder 1.1 The product, specifications and process of the extruder meet the production 1> Variety: Magnesium alloy. 2> Type: various bars, tubes, profiles, etc. 3> Extrusion process: Positive solid ingot extrusion.

MACH Magnesium Technology Specialist

MACH Technology Co., Ltd. is an expert of "Magnesium". The company established "Research Center of Magnesium Alloy New Material Engineering Technology" Innovation Research and Development Enterprise Technology Center. Areas covered are: Magnesium alloy, aluminium alloy, zinc alloy lightweight material, sacrificial anode "anti-corrosion" new material Renewable energy Biomedical materials

Extruded magnesium strip anode

The sacrificial anode of strip magnesium alloy is widely used in high resistivity environment, pipeline protection in casing, temporary cathodic protection of pipeline, storage tank because of its flat and flat shape, adjustable length, flexibility, good anticorrosive performance, no need of external DC power supply, automatic operation after installation, maintenance-free, less occupied area, low engineering cost, non-interference with external environment, etc. And the protection of the pipeline network, the grounding grid against strong electric interference, etc. Commonly used magnesium strip anode specifications: Section (A *B) 9.5 *19 mm Core diameter mm 3.2 weight kg/m 0.37 Current output 2.4A/m Soil (5000_. cm) 0 mA/m Freshwater (15000cm) 3mA/m