Magnesium-aluminum-zinc alloy melting furnace and foundry anode product processing center

Magnesium-Aluminum-Zinc Alloy Smelting Furnace and Casting Anode Product Processing Center_MACH TAIWAN, No.1 Yanpo Road, Feixian Development Zone, Linyi, Shandong, is a leading manufacturer of magnesium alloy and anti-corrosion anode materials, specializing in Smelting, casting, research and development, design, production and sales of magnesium alloys and sacrificial anode materials. The main products are: conventional magnesium alloys, special grade magnesium alloys, rare earth-added superalloys, and magnesium alloy pellets. Anti-corrosion and insured products mainly include: Magnesium-aluminum-zinc alloy and other series of sacrificial anodes, magnesium, aluminum, zinc anode extrusion profiles, pipes, rods and other products.

XJ-630 ton extruder _ positive solid ingot hot extrusion of various bars, tubes, profiles, etc.

XJ-630 tons extruder 1.1 The product, specifications and process of the extruder meet the production 1> Variety: Magnesium alloy. 2> Type: various bars, tubes, profiles, etc. 3> Extrusion process: Positive solid ingot extrusion.

Sacrificial anode electrochemical performance test method and equipment

Sacrificial anode method Cathodic protection is the earliest electrochemical protection technology. In the case where the electrolytic cell theoretical metal is used as an anode, the anode (metal) is gradually consumed as the current flows out. Sacrificial anodes are typically only economically used in structures that require less current protection and in low soil resistivity environments. The anode is gradually consumed with the current flowing out, so it is called a sacrificial anode, and the anode is consumed quickly, and the installation position and method must be easily replaced. Low-potential metal materials include magnesium, magnesium alloys, pure zinc, zinc alloys, and aluminum alloys. Use a metal (such as zinc, aluminum, magnesium) with high activity (evaporable) relative to the steel as an anode, connect the steel and the anode, and use the potential difference between the two to generate an anti-corrosion current to achieve the purpose of steel corrosion protection. . The electrochemical performance of the Yinbao product (sacrificial anode product) has to be tested according to the national (international) standard, so the "magnesium alloy sacrificial anode electrochemical performance test method" equipment.

The best tool for measuring slag in front of the furnace __MACH patent impurity detector

"The world of magnesium alloys, there is no impurity!!" Since the company launched its magnesium industry in 2004, it has developed a “all-round metal impurity detector” from the magnesium alloy new material research center team. It uses quantitative analysis, fast and effective detection methods, and sampling before melting. The content, size and location of the impurities in the pot are measured, and the "in-furnace detection and inclusion" can be achieved before the start of the die-casting machine. The industry generally only knows that the material can not be mixed, but it cannot "immediately detect" impurities. embarrassment.

Component Analysis Machine__Direct Reading Spectrum Analyzer

MACH Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of magnesium-aluminum alloy, sacrificial yang and anti-corrosion materials for smelting, casting and casting (industrial chain partner factory) extrusion, raw material import, incoming materials, production and shipment inspection. The whole factory has complete and professional testing and production equipment, from direct reading spectral component analyzer, anode electrochemical detection, magnesium and aluminum alloy impurity detection, metallographic microscopic analysis, complete chemical analysis equipment (see attached table)

Japan jsw thixotropic injection molding machine favorite __ magnesium particle cutting machine

The Thixomolding type is a revolutionary magnesium alloy forming method that cares for the environment. The thixoforming type is a method of injection molding a magnesium alloy in a semi-molten state (thixotropic melt). The magnesium alloy is injected into the mold by heating and heating the magnesium alloy particles in the barrel of the molding machine and using the screw in the barrel for metering and conveying. The magnesium alloy particles produced by MACH are the favorite of Japan jsw thixotropic injection molding machine!

MACH Magnesium Technology Specialist

MACH Technology Co., Ltd. is an expert of "Magnesium". The company established "Research Center of Magnesium Alloy New Material Engineering Technology" Innovation Research and Development Enterprise Technology Center. Areas covered are: Magnesium alloy, aluminium alloy, zinc alloy lightweight material, sacrificial anode "anti-corrosion" new material Renewable energy Biomedical materials

A List of Cast Magnesium Anode Series Products

Magnesium-based sacrificial anodes include pure magnesium, Mg-Mn alloy and Mg-AI-Zn-Mn alloy. Their common characteristics are small density, large theoretical capacitance, negative potential, low polarization, high driving voltage for steel (>0.6V), which are suitable for the protection of metal components in soil and fresh water with high resistivity.

MACH magnesium alloy particles  the Favorite of Thixomolding machine 

The "magnesium alloy particles" obtained by milling magnesium alloy grades AM50A, AM60B and AZ91D can be used in thixo molding (semi-solid injection molding) of JSW and husky company in Japan to produce electronic and automobile parts. MACH (Kuangyue Technology Co., Ltd.) produces various brands of magnesium alloy materials, and uses magnesium alloy particle cutting machine to make magnesium alloy particles of various brands, which meet the requirements of European Union RoHS regulations. The chemical composition and particle screening of each brand meet the requirements, providing high quality materials for magnesium alloy thixotropic injection molding machine.

Extruded zinc strip anodes

Extruded zinc strip anodes are mainly used in space-constrained local applications (such as pipe sections in casing) and high-resistivity soils and fresh water to protect oil tanks or other steel structures in high-resistivity electrolytes. The diamond-shaped zinc ribbon anode meets ASTM-B418 (Type 1 / Type 2) standards and has excellent mechanical properties. The strip zinc anode is mainly used for the protection of the pipeline inside the casing, the temporary cathodic protection of the pipeline, the protection of the storage tank and the pipeline network, the prevention of the AC interference and the lightning interference of the buried pipeline by the strong electric line. Ribbon zinc anodes are commonly used in media with resistivities below 2000 Ω·cm. They can be used in media above 2000 Ω·cm if the protected steel structure has a good coating or when the soil is wet.

Extruded magnesium strip anode

The sacrificial anode of strip magnesium alloy is widely used in high resistivity environment, pipeline protection in casing, temporary cathodic protection of pipeline, storage tank because of its flat and flat shape, adjustable length, flexibility, good anticorrosive performance, no need of external DC power supply, automatic operation after installation, maintenance-free, less occupied area, low engineering cost, non-interference with external environment, etc. And the protection of the pipeline network, the grounding grid against strong electric interference, etc. Commonly used magnesium strip anode specifications: Section (A *B) 9.5 *19 mm Core diameter mm 3.2 weight kg/m 0.37 Current output 2.4A/m Soil (5000_. cm) 0 mA/m Freshwater (15000cm) 3mA/m

Anode rod for extrusion water heater

Magnesium alloy sacrificial anodes are commonly used in metal facilities working in soil, fresh water and seawater. They are used to produce trapezoidal, D-shaped, rod-shaped (cylinder, rectangular bar) and other oil, water, gas and electricity products by smelting and casting. Extrusion includes extrusion of magnesium strips and rods. The maximum amount of anode protection for people's livelihood is "extrusion water heater anode rod". According to different regions and brands, there are aluminium rod anode and magnesium rod anode for water heater. Some water heater brands are installed as soon as they leave the factory, and some foreign supermarket chains are bought and installed by consumers themselves. Magnesium rod anode for water heater manufactured by Guangyu Company strictly conforms to the chemical composition, electrochemical performance, steel core, nut, welding, pressing etc. required by customers. Besides self-testing, it also provides third-party testing in order to meet the national/international standards for quality.